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Durian regarded by many people as the King of Fruits, is the most famous export fruit of Thailand. There are some durian cultivars with a wide variety of savoury and sweet edibles in Thailand, Monthong cultivar is particularly popular. Thai people and many foreigners, especially Chinese, are love its fragrant and uniquely sweet taste. We specially select only pure Monthong durians with 85-100% maturity for the very hygienic cleaning and peeling processes. We are particularly careful of the sanitation standards. The ripe peeled durians will be sanitized before sending to a freezing room which is set at -40 degree Celsius. All frozen durians will later be kept in a room with -25 degree Celsius of temperature in order to remain best quality of the durian flesh

Shipping Service

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Shipping Service

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Our unique selling point

Flesh from Monthong durian is carefully selected for export. We guarantee its deliciousness because we control each process from pick to the ripe stage of our durians.

  • Keep Temp -25 degrees celsius

  • Selected raw materials with 85-100% ripeness quality

  • Original species

  • durian's meat is cleared of veins and non-edible particles

  • The factory has received the standards of GMP, HACCP,TAS 9046, TAS 9024, TAS 9023, FDA.

  • Have a production-export license. Can be exported onbehalf of the company.

  • Wholesale price, you will gain more profit.

  • Have safe transportation and on time deliverly

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