How to Get Rid of Durian's Smell

Durian smell on your fingers

Use Durian Husk & Seed.
You will notice that washing yourhands with regular hand soap do not helping in getting rid of the odor.However, washing your hands with the durian husk or durian seed helps toeliminate the stench. A compound called 5-HMF found in durian shells actuallyact as a deodorizer which neutralizes the lingering smell of durians.

Use Cucumber.
Washing your hands with cucumbers issaid to be another simple remedy for removing that persistent odor of duriansfrom your hands. Once you have gotten rid of most of the smell, use analcohol-based sanitizer to rub on your hands to help eliminate it completely.

Durian smell in the car

Place a few slices of bread in yourcar for two days.
Place coffee powder in a container or mix with a glass of hot water andleave it for 30 minutes in your car.
Pandan leaf:
Take some pandan leaves and placethem on the seat or in the car’s boot.
Place few pieces of charcoal in thecar.
Place a bowl of vinegar for severalhours.

Durian smell in the fridge

Bamboo Charcoal
has long been used as a deodorizerthat can remove smells from household items such as closets or shoes. Place itin the refrigerator to remove the smell of durians that you may have left inthe refrigerator.

Baking Soda: Placing small amounts of baking sodain the refrigerator can help remove the smell as it acts as a deodorizingagent. You can place a couple of bowls of baking soda in different areas tomaximize the effectiveness.

Lemon: Cut up a large lemon and leave thelemon wedges or peels in various areas of the refrigerator to eliminate thedurian smell. Other citrus fruits, such as lime or orange will have the sameeffect as well.