Durianand Mangosteen: The King and The Queen of Fruits

Durianis a nutritious fruit that is packed with proteins, minerals, antioxidants andother phytonutries. For those who like durians they are the king of fruits.There are also people who don’t like durians because they think durians’ aromais too strong and also people who cannot eat a lot of durians because it’s“heaty”. Durian is naturally heaty and high-energy food, even for the durianlovers, they can’t eat much as they can fall sick or suffer from sore throatafter consuming excessive amount of durian.

These days researchers have found away that durians can be eaten without sore throat nor fall sick; which is the mangosteen.Mangosteens are eaten as an antinode to cool the body down after consumingdurians.

Mangosteens are the cooling fruit as the opposite of heaty durian and they have adelicately flavored sweetness and mild acidic taste. They are rich in calcium, phosphorous,vitamin B and C as well.

Despite its name, the mangosteensare nothing like mangos and definitely don’t taste like one either. Mangosteenshave deep purple with a smooth, armored and brittle exteriors. They come invarious size, the smallest resemble a squash ball and can be as large assnooker balls. The flesh within the purple shell is usually pearly white andsometimes almost translucent. Some people describe the flesh as “crispy” or“crunchy” and I would like to describe it is soft and the sweetness is mild andtasty.

The thin woody share of thepurplish-black mangosteen encloses several segments of fresh. It can be openedby squeezing gently on either side, but be careful of the stain, as it canspread out while pressing the shell and stain your clothes. If you examine thefruit sacs closely, the surface of the interior base look like flower and ithas threads which have been spun and interwoven into a fine silk.

The reason people termed themangosteen as the queen of fruits is not only because of its softness andtaste, another reason is it goes well with the king of fruits, durian. The phytonutrientsin mangosteen can wear of durian aficionados and you can eat mangosteens afterhaving durians to kill down heat within your body. Also, the xanthrone in mangosteenis a strong antioxidant that belongs to the group of phenolic compounds andthey are able to support the balance in the body, keep the immune system in ahealthy condition and promote joint flexibility as well.

Eating the mangosteens after havingdurians is the best way of eating for durian lovers and that has been known as“heaty and cooling” way of eating the delicious fruits. Mangosteen is thoughtto be the “yang” factor to “yin” durian and that is the reason why peopleregarded mangosteen as the “Queen of fruits”.

Now, you know the best way to eatdurian balancing heat within your body, you can eat lots of durians with worries. For frozen durians, contact mbizgrand.com for the flesh andtasty ones.

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