DifferentTypes of Thai Durian Have Different Textures and Tastes

Durian Thailand is famous as the king of fruits and popular in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia,Singapore, and the Philippines. Thailand is one of the biggest durian exportersin Asia and approximately 234 types of durians are in Thailand. Among the durianexports to China, Thailand durian stands first. For the durian exports abroad,they usually preserve them as frozen durian.

Some people don’t like the aroma of durian, but some can’t stand without eating oncethey get the smell. Its appearance is spiky like a medieval war club, but itsyellowish flesh is soft and creamy in texture.

There are different types of Thai durian with different textures and tastes.

Its meaning in Thai is “Golden Pillow.” It is the most famous exported variety andthe most widespread durian in Thailand. The fruit has 3-5 kilograms in weightwith large triangular spikes. The fruit includes 10-15 pale yellow arils. Itsflesh is very meaty, sweet, high fibre, thick, creamy, smooth, and less pungentin both aroma and flavor.Theseeds in the Mon Thong are small and shrunken and the cultivar usually processinto preserved frozen pulps. It can bear fruit after 8 years of planting. Forthe first time durian sampler, it is better to go with Mon Thong.


The meaning of Cha Nee in Thai is “Gibbon.” This early variety bears fruit 4-6years after planting. The fruit usually has 2-4.5 kg in weight and its shape isusually oval to broad cylindrical, lobed, and greyish brown with blunt, large,widely spaced spines. The bright yellow pulp of Cha Nee is usually thick, morebuttery, creamy smooth, fine textured, firm, sweet and of excellent taste. Theflesh normally exhibits uniform ripening. And, the arils of Cha Nee possesshigh fibre and watery quality. However, the flesh turns into slight bitterbecause of an extra wonderful dimension to the sweetness.


The meaning of Kan Yao in Thai is “Long Stem Durian” and this type of durian is oneof the most expensive and high class durian in Thailand. It has medium size anddistinct as it is normally quite round like a volleyball with the long thickpeduncle of 10-14 cm. The appearance of the fruit is greyish-brown, and roughwith a moderately thick rind bearing short, straight, sharp, moderately densespines. The arils are thick, very sweet, smooth, incredibly creamy with apleasant aroma, and even when overripe it doesn’t become too mushy. The fruit hasa low flesh fibre, a little fruit physiological disorder, and good fruitsetting characteristics.

KraDum Thong

The meaning is “Golden Button” in Thai. The cultivar of Kra Dum Thong can bearfruit 4-6 years after planting in the early season variety in Thailand. Theappearance is oval, symmetrically or uniformly distinctly lobed and 2-4 kg inweight. Its rind is brownish-green, and thin and bears short, sharp denselypacked spines. The peduncle of the fruit is moderately long. Its yellow fleshis 3-4 large and thick.
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