6 Foods YouShould Never Eat with Durian

Durian,Frozen Durian also known as the king of fruits, is prickly on the outside but soft inside. It is afruit that you either like or hate, there is no in between. Durian is an almostperfect fruit; it is nutritious and delicious for those who love durian.

Not only is thedurian flesh delicious, the kernel can also be eaten. While selecting thedurian, the round durian with a well-balanced and plump shape, usually has morepulp and eventually more meat (or flesh). They are generally well-developed andthe pulp is thick and delicate if the spikes on durian epidermis are large andsparse. The flat durian basically has nothing to eat when opened. It isrecommended to keep them for a few days if the spines of durian are still veryhard. If durian gives off a strong “taste”, it actually says, “I’m ripe.”

However, notevery food is compatible with durian. And, if you like to eat durian anytimeanywhere, you need to know following 6 foods to avoid:

(1) Alcohol
People havebeen saying that eating durian and drinking alcohol at the same time or atclose intervals will kill you. Although there is no definite scientific conclusionthat fatality could eventually occur, we know that the durians’ high sulfurcontent inhibits the enzyme that helps break down alcohol in your body by up to70%. Thailand has a clear rule that you cannot drink alcohol for 8 hours aftereating a large amount of durian. If a diabetic patient eats both, it will bringbad consequences. 

(2)  Coca ColaA
carbonateddrink could cause cardiac failure when consumed together with durian.

(3) Milk/AnyDrinks with Caffeine
It has beensaid that increased blood pressure, and in rare cases, fatal consequences canbe occurred if we drink milk with durian. Moreover, if you drink caffeinatedbeverages immediately after eating durian, this may lead to heart and bloodvessel problems which can cause cardiac failure. 

(4) Egg Plant
Both durianand eggplant are considered to be ‘heaty’ foods. Eating them together couldcause your body to heat up and you may fall ill.

(5) Beef andMutton
This is samewith eggplant situation. Since both beef and mutton are “heating” food thenconsumed with durian may add to the heat of your body and could lead you tofall ill.

(6) CrabDurian

cannot eat with crabs. Crabs are said to be extremely ‘cooling’ while durians belong to the ‘heating’ category. If both are eaten together, it is easy tocause severe stomach discomfort. After eating durian, it is suggested to takean hour apart before eating crabs.

So, durianlovers, before we rush ahead to gorge ourselves on this heavenly piece offruit, take your time and read this article about 6 foods not to eat togetherwith durian. We all know that some of the items mentioned here are based moreon old wives’ tales than scientific studies but you know, it’s better safe thannot!

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